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fighting strategy and community safety plan. the council approved spending $250,000 to hire her. protestors say he supports overly aggressive police measures including "stop & frisk" in which people can be stopped and searched if an officer deems them suspicious. >> i'm mortified i have to say that this council would say it rejects "stop & frisk" gang injunctions, it rejects racial profiling and would continue to pursue hiring bill bratton. >> the recommendation was to implement the five district policing models throughout the city all at once and that was a mistake. looking to where we are today, i am proposing or going to implement two at a time. >> reporter: the city council did unanimously approve three other strategies. they will hire 20 police technicians and they have entered into a temporary agreement with the alameda
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county sheriff's department to hire 10 deputies and a supervisor to patrol oakland streets two days a week. also, a new police academy class is now scheduled for later this year to train more officers. now, these votes come as oakland has experienced a rapid rise in crime. there is some hope that these new measures may make a dent in the statistics. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, cbs 5. a one-alarm fire erupted at an apartment building on oakland street near octavia boulevard in san francisco. the fire was record around 2:45 this morning. trees near the three-story apartment building caught fire. the frames spread on the outside wall of the structure. it was out in an hour. no injuries. police are investigating an armed robbery that took place in downtown palo alto last night. it happened at the 300 block of ramona street shortly before 9:00. at this time, police are not releasing details about the suspect, victim, what was stolen or the type of weapon
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that was used and they are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact them immediately. in other headlines around the bay area on this wednesday, bart police have identified the man shot and killed at the bay fair station in san leandro on saturday. 50-year-old kenneth seats of fremont died from his injuries. a second person was shot. that person is expected to survive. one arrest is made in the shooting. more suspects are sought. finding the suspects in a violent takeover home invasion robbery in san jose a top priority for the police. three or four men burst into the almaden valley home monday night and tied up the couple in their 70s, ransacked the home and then stole the victims' cars. police are looking for two vehicles, a green 2007 toyota highlander suv. there's the license plate. a tan 1997 toyota camry and the license plate there: 3ung960. a north bay congressman
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holds a hearing on gun violence in washington this afternoon. democrat mike thompson chairs a gun violence prevention task force. the hearing is to discuss possible options for reducing gun violence while respecting the second amendment rights of law-abiding americans. the suspect in a shooting on a school campus in texas is in the hospital this morning. the texas college was locked down during this time. it was a community college. that suspect was one of three people wounded when a gunfight broke out at lone star college near houston. it happened during classes yesterday. the school was closed down after enduring that argument outside the school's library. witnesses say one man pulled a gun and shot the other. authorities have not given a reason for the shooting but there are reports it was over a grade. 5:05. new polls show a majority of americans favor a path to
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citizenship for illegal immigrants in the united states. the poll finds more than 60% supports giving them citizenship up from 50% in 2010. the shift is among republicans. 53% in the gop now support citizenship. that's up from 31% in the 2010 survey. a pentagon investigation has cleared general john allen in the email scandal that brought down general david petraeus. petraeus resigned as head of the cia back in november after the fbi uncovered evidence he had an affair with his biographer. allen had been linked to the scandal for exchanging potentially inappropriate e- mails with a woman who sparked the petraeus investigation. but the defense department says the allegations that those e- mails were inappropriate are unsubstantiated. allen's nomination to become top commander of nato is still on hold at this time. investigators say a fire sparked on a boeing 787 dreamliner was not caused by an
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overcharged battery as first thought. japan's transport agency says the lithium ion battery that overheated on the 787 experienced a sudden drop in voltage. all 50 of the dreamliners have been grounded after the jet made an emergency landing in japan a week ago. boeing is trying to address those electrical problems. the house is set to vote today to extend the nation's debt limit for another three months. house republicans are giving up demands for deep spending cuts in exchange for approving an increase to how much the government can bore row. the move keeps the u.s. from defaulting on its debt for the first time in american history. if approved the bill would require both chambers of congress to pass a budget or the congress will not get paid. new evidence that leaders of the catholic church in los angeles shielded priests accused of sexually abusing children. about 30,000 pages of newly
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released documents made public in a $660 million settlement files show that now retired l.a. archdiocese cardinal roger mahony was involved in the cover-up. there are more than 500 victims and many say the church was looking out for itself. a congressional hearing set for today in another sexual abuse scandal involving the air force. 32 instructors are facing allegations of rape and other assaults involving 59 trainees at the lackland air force base in texas. top officials and victims are expected to testify. san mateo congresswoman jackie speier was the first to call for the hearing. switching gears now, 5:07, let's get another check on the weather. >> it's all about change. rain is coming, right? >> yeah. we had that nice midseason dry spell but now looks like that's about to change as we have some storm clouds moving into the bay area now. mostly cloudy skies. not as cold this morning. no freezing temperatures to speak of. and yes, our high-def doppler radar is picking up raindrops most of that off the coastline so far although we have seen a
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few light showers in the north bay but i think throughout the day today this is going to push further east and make its way across the bay area bringing with it some scattered light showers. you can see on our satellite image all the moisture off the coastline and the low is off the coast. we'll wait until that pushes offshore later on. in the meantime, temperatures not bad mostly cloudy skies, numbers now running in the 40s and 50s. by this afternoon, i think a few scattered showers outside fairly light rainfall but at least it opens up the door again 50s and 60s maybe some more rain on the way too. we'll talk about that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> going live towards this gorgeous shot of the bay bridge new l.e.d. lights. traffic is okay from oakland into san francisco. you are crossing the upper deck. they had some overnight roadwork on the incline section. looks like it should have wrapped up in the last few minutes by 5:00 so you're good to go and no metering lights this morning as you approach the pay gates. elsewhere more overnight roadwork some wrapped up the
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westbound lanes are now reopened across the dumbarton bridge. eastbound 84 should still be there until about 6:00 this morning. i saw one of the lane change trucks cross the golden gate bridge a little while ago so things are moving nicely so far into san francisco from marin county. >> thank you. 5:09. new developments surrounding the allegations of sexual abuse against 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree. a woman is accusing him of assaulting her at the "w" hotel the night after the 9ers defeated the packers in the 9ers' first play-off game. according to the "chronicle" investigators say there were two other women present at the time in question and those witnesses say crabtree did not assault anyone. lots of excitement is building for super bowl xlvii. >> that's right. but it's not just a big day for the 9ers and the ravens. coca-cola, budweiser and m and ms are hoping to score big, too. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran joins with us more on how those super bowl ads are going beyond
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the game to get our attention. >> reporter: it always works, doesn't it? i know some people actually record these commercials but this year, they won't have to and that's because some of them are already out. >> coca-cola gave viewers a preview of its ad on the website. >> reporter: it's asking you to decide how the commercial ends on game day. and mercedes-benz released its ads yesterday trying to build buzz on its facebook page. the ad has dozens of comments on the suggestive commercial and that's what it's about this year. experts say it's about a social media extravaganza. companies are hyping up its product before it hits super bowl air time. experts say the strategy can score some big points.
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>> buzz before the game and buzz after the game means that that spot of yours won't just be seen during the game. >> so it turns into having a life of its own and because you're on the super bowl you have a chance to be talked about in a way you don't if you are advertising somewhere else. >> reporter: not to mention companies are able to generate more viewers without those super bowl costs. ads featured on the company's website of course are free. but you know what? the air time for the super bowl ads aren't so much. this year they went for $4 million just for a 30-second spot. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> that's not so much. >> that boggles my mind because years ago 2.5 million, oh, it can't go up any more. now $4 million. amazing. time now is 5:11. real 49ers fans are not thinking about those commercials though. >> they are bleeding a little red and gold or at the very least getting song red and gold ink. >> and an upset down under an olympic gold champion upset with her performance on the court.
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>> and we have more 49ers fan photos. students at the ibl middle school in pacifica are seeing red. they sent us this shot inside their gym. thank you for that. these four sisters are showing off their team spirit as well all decked out in 9er red and gold. there's even a junior gold rush cheerleader in the picture there. who has it better than this family right here? nobody! that's alexandra, send us this picture out of san jose. keep sending your fan favorites to or upload them to include your hometown and we'll air as many as we can from now until the super bowl a week from sunday. you know you have spirit for football but do you have school spirit? what's cool about your school? you can submit your "cool school" nominations on our website, very easy to do, go to and we may come out and feature your school right here on our show.
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good morning. if you are heading off to work you want a check of the roadways so far, so good across the san mateo bridge. no incidents to report on either direction of the span and in fact, all our accidents -- we're following a couple of different fender-benders nothing in lanes now so
5:15 am
everything is quiet except your overnight roadwork. let's take a look at other cameras across the bay area 880 the nimitz 66. there was some overnight roadwork in lanes. it should be picked up. between fruitvale and the oakland coliseum. elsewhere, westbound 580, a few headlights now picking up steam a little bit towards the dublin interchange. the dublin-pleasanton ride is about 15 minutes right now from the altamont pass out to pleasanton. that is a check of traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. finally seeing some changes in the weather after a long period of dry weather. looks like some rain could be making a return. our cbs 5 high-def doppler radar is tracking some showers outside now. most of that is off the coast although we are beginning to see moisture at the coast near point reyes. showers trying to move onshore. a lot of it might not quite hit the ground. the atmosphere is very dry. throughout the day today we'll see the atmosphere moisten up a bit and i think a better chance of rain around the bay area not going to be a big storm but a
5:16 am
chance of rain outside and some mild temperatures right now. no freezing numbers, 43 in concord. 50 and cloudy in san francisco. and 45 degrees in santa rose. the whole pattern changing. that bill dominant ridge of high pressure sliding eastward. that means we have the cold front moving in and the jet stream sagging to the south. and that means we're opening up that storm door outside. showers around much of the state today. if you plan on traveling, be prepared for rain and computer models picking up on the showers. in fact, moving i think the better part of the rain if you can call that in toward the afternoon, none of it will be real heavy and i think the heaviest amounts maybe a tenth or quarter inch in the santa cruz mountains. not a huge storm but the most we have seen in quite some time. it will clear out the atmosphere. temperatures only in the 50s and 60s and the next couple of days, it looks like we dry things outcome thursday and friday. and then over the weekend, some cold air moves in and a chance of a few more showers. good stuff, getting excited! i love this! nice to see the rain back again. >> get those umbrella out.
5:17 am
thank you. it is 5:18 now. a guy in vallejo made his love for the 9ers permanent this week. check it out. did he it with a 49ers tattoo. why not? the die-hard fan had a tattoo artist put the team logo on his leg yesterday. he says he is doing it for the team. >> i'm looking forward to a lot of good thing to come. >> if you happen to be thinking about commemorating the 9ers for life, allied ink is offering a special the day before the game. 49 bucks for a 49er tattoo. go for it. >> yeah. we are sending a team of reporters to cover the super bowl in new orleans. the coverage will include our sports director dennis o'donnell, other sports guy vern glenn i think michelle griego will be on board that day and mike sugerman, as well. well, i guess it's such a big story but do you really care? >> i know. i guess we'll find out. >> was it live or was it tape? we're talking about beyonce's
5:18 am
performance at the national anthem during the inauguration. so far no word from the superstar but as cbs reporter susan mcginnis shows us, beyonce wouldn't be the first to fake it. >> reporter: beyonce took the stage at president obama's inauguration this week and delivered what many called a memorable performance. >> i thought she did an excellent job, sang really well, passionate and i thought it was moving. moving to watch. >> reporter: but there are reports her singing wasn't what everyone thought. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: the controversy erupted on tuesday when a spokeswoman for the marine corps band said the singer used a prerecorded voice track instead of singing live. the marines later backed off that statement saying no one in the marine band is in a position to assess whether it was live or prerecorded. sources tell cbs news beyonce did sing and her mic was hot. but that she was matching her
5:19 am
voice to a prerecorded track. it's not uncommon to prerecord inaugural music in case there's bad weather or other unexpected circumstances but temperatures were mild on inauguration day and the skies were clear. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: it was a much colder day four years ago when cellist yo-yo ma and violinist yitzhak perleman used a recording and another person lip synced the national anthem in the 1996 super bowl. no doubt fans will be listening and watching closely when she performs at halftime at the super bowl this year. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> i wonder what they're going to ask her at the super bowl now. >> the thing, she has already proven she is a great live singer so it's not that she's bad live. >> it was her song. it wasn't a milli vanilli kind of thing. >> get over it. it is 5:21. a teen tennis star takes down a multigrand slam winner in australia.
5:20 am
>> and an amazing shot on ice caught on tape. that's coming up our play of the day. p
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finally the storm clouds making a return.
5:23 am
some showers just off the coastline maybe some paying a visit to the bay area today. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and checking roadways around the bay area, so far we're looking good if you are crossing the golden gate, bay bridge some upper deck roadwork has been picked up. and across the san mateo bridge we are problem-free. much more on your morning drive coming up in a few minutes. we're on the ice for this morning's play of the day. >> yeah. we have the red wings at home against the dallas stars. the stars are on the move here and it looks like they are going to get a goal but watch. detroit goalie jimmy howard has other ideas. fancy glove work keeping the puck out of the net. but dallas won 2-1. sharks beat the oilers too, last night, final 6-3. their home opener tomorrow against phoenix. people are talking about a big upset in the australian open. yesterday, serena williams lost to 19-year-old sloane stephens also an american. williams hurt her back on the 8th game of the second set. look at her there.
5:24 am
this was her first loss since august 17, ending a run of 20 wins. stevens is headed to the semifinals -- stephens is headed to the semi finals. >> she is young and beat a legend. here's more 49ers fan photos for you. the harbaugh brothers aren't the only sibling rivalry headed for the super bowl... can you tell who steve in hayward, and his brother john back on the east coast root for? and this pic came with one subject line r >> the harbaugh brothers are heading to the super bowl. g of a 49er fan you so keep sending your fan photos to news -x dot com. or >> we are your super bowl station and we want to see how big a 49ers fan you are. so just keep sending your fan
5:25 am
photos to us at news@kpix.comer include your hometown. we'll air as many as we can. people are working hard to get them on air from now until the super bowl. 5:26. the biggest part of the super bowl besides the game. >> we're talk about those multi- million dollar commercials and the new tactics they are using to reel you in before the game. >> a heated showdown over the man known as the super cop. what oakland just decided to do about a crime crisis. >> a deer dilemma, the plan to drive down the number of does in the neighborhood coming up.
5:26 am
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pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. [ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. what he is doing elsewhere that may have worked doesn't
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mean it's going to work here. >> hundreds line up to weigh in on oakland's super cop consultant. >> that super cop a police consultant comes with a hefty please tag. >> you know what "stop & frisk" is, profiling. >> a bay area neighbor looks to surgery to control its deer population. >> this is a problem that has been exploding in the past year that's gotten to the point where they have to do something about it. >> secretary of state hillary clinton will make a long- awaited appearance before congress to testify about the terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> beyonce's national anthem controversy. was it live or lip sync? ♪ [ music ]♪ >> a new strategy for super bowl ads. >> buzz before the game and after the game means that that spot of yours won't just be seen during the game. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald
5:30 am
good morning. it's wednesday, january 23rd. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. new this morning a couple of old christmas trees are to blame at a fire at an apartment building in san francisco. it was reported around 2:45 a.m. on oakland street near octavia. firefighters say the trees caught fire spread along an outside wall of the building. a number of firefighters on hand. the fire was put out though within an hour and nobody was hurt. also new this morning oakland is hiring a controversial crime fighter to help its troubled police department. >> bill bratton will become its consultant. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in the newsroom with the vote that came less than four hours ago. anne. >> reporter: it was all made official at about 2 a.m. the city council approved that contract with bill bratton by a vote of 7-1, including a provision, though, that no racial profiling will be permitted. but some people in the audience
5:31 am
didn't believe it. >> what he's doing elsewhere, it may have worked, doesn't mean it's going to work here. if that's the case, then go next door to richmond! > >> reporter: activists from groups including "occupy" oakland oppose bill bratton. he has been nicknamed the super cop. protestors believe he supports overaggressive policing measures including one commonly called "stop & frisk" in which people can be stopped and searched if an officer deems them sufficient. >> we know what "stop & frisk" it's racial profiling and any young person who fits the profile is going to be subject to being harassed. >> our city is very polarized on this issue. it can't stay black and white like that. not every police officer is an angel but not every police officer is corrupt, either. >> reporter: so in the end the council approved spending $250,000 to hire bratton. he is the former police officer of new york and l.a. -- police chief of new york and
5:32 am
l.a. and is going to advise opd. oakland's police chief says there is no discussion of using "stop & frisk" and that he does not support that policy. the city council also approved three other policing strategies including hiring alameda county sheriff's deputies to patrol oakland city streets and a new police academy class to train more officers. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, cbs 5. five men are in custody after monday's shooting of an oakland police officer. the undercover cop was on a stakeout in east oakland when a group of men approached his car and shot him in the arm. officers seized several guns during the manhunt for the suspects. two of them are known gang members. police are expected to release more information today on an armed robbery in downtown palo alto. it happened on ramona street shortly before 9:00 last night. right now details are scarce but police haven't said anything about the suspect, victim, what was known or the
5:33 am
weapon used. they are asking anyone with information to contact them immediately. a south bay community is turning to surgery now to solve a deer dilemma they have. the bucks and the fawns are taken over the gated community known as the villages in san jose. the deer population has been doubling every year. there are now about 170 of them in the villages. big problem. a year-round greenery at the golfs course is a feasting ground for the deer. management says the deer have caused car crashes, injured dogs and done about $150,000 of damage to landscaping every year. so starting this weekend workers will tranquilize the does and spay them. >> i think it's creative and worth a try but unless that sense of integrity is really kept in check and patroled, i think that this will help but i don't think it's a real long- term solution. >> some of the deer might be relocated. oakland is moving forward
5:34 am
with new plans for a dog park at lake merritt. the city is proposing a half acre of snow park at 19th and harrison streets for the park. originally the park was planned for the corner of lakeshore and macarthur. neighbors weren't happy with that. a public hearing for the new location is set up for monday. you will need to get out the umbrella because the rain is returning. >> you know who is happy about that? this guy. >> i never leave home without it. i'm sure you guys are surprised to hear that. i always keep that with me but -- not because i think my forecast could be wrong, by the way. [ laughter ] >> you would know better than most. >> but always am prepared. folks, we have some changes coming our way. the clouds already moving across our skies. our cbs 5 high-def doppler radar showing you some of that moisture making its way into the north bay already although most of that is virga not hitting the ground. throughout the day today, the atmosphere is going to moisten up quite a bit and then it looks like we'll get in a few showers. nothing real heavy but really this will be the first significant rainfall we have seen in quite some time and looks like the showers will
5:35 am
continue possibly into tonight maybe early tomorrow morning and then things settling down. outside temperatures are very mild and that's because of the cloud cover. 40s and 50s across the board now. by the afternoon a chance of more widespread scattered showers highs only in the 50s and 60s. we'll have more on your weather coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> going out live towards the peninsula 101 near palo alto near the university exit. and as you can see, both directions of 101 are flowing nicely this morning and no overnight roadwork near there to slow you down. elsewhere the bay bridge they have been testing some of those new l.e.d. lights across the span but it is not causing any impact at all on the morning drive. no metering lights approaching the pay gates so everything looks great so far heading into san francisco. they did pick up that overnight roadwork by the way on the incline. bart has some five- to ten- minute delays at the lake merritt station, equipment problem on the tracks. so they are working to clear that now. in the meantime, it's on the dublin-pleasanton line on the fremont line again from that lake merritt station. all other mass transit
5:36 am
reporting no delay. that is traffic. back to you. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. secretary of state hillary clinton will testify today about the tritt attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya four months after the attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others. clinton were scheduled to appear on the terrorist attack but health problems prevented her from showing up. the house will vote to extend the nation's debt limit for another three months. house republicans are giving up demands for deep spending cuts in exchange for approving an increase to how much the government can borrow. the move keeps the u.s. from defaulting on its debt for the first time in american history. if approved, the billion would also require both chambers of congress to pass a budget or the congress will not get paid. the voice of charlie brown busted at the mexican border. peter robbins is accused of stalking and making death threats. robbins is being held in san diego. he is expected in court today. the 56-year-old voice of
5:37 am
charlie brown character back in the 1960s tv specials the charlie brown christmas and it's a great pumpkin charlie brown. now to the saga of notre dame linebacker manti te'o. he and his online girlfriend are speaking out. diana o'meara told news outlets an acquaintance of him used her image to fabricate their relationship. te'o was led to believe that the girlfriend died of cancer. o'meara says the perpetrator confessed and apologized. te'o is expected to tell his side of the story to katie couric today. and allegations of sexual abuse against 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree appear to have some holes. a woman is accusing him of assaulting her at the "w" hotel the night after the 9ers defeated the packers in the first play-off game. phil matier reports investigators say there were two other women present at the time of the incident.
5:38 am
they say there was no assault. the 9ers are sure to be the highlight of super bowl xlvii but so are the ads. >> and the chips. don't forget the chips. >> doritos. >> these multi-million dollar ads that we watch, cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us with more on how those ads are hoping to get all of our attention. >> reporter: they always do, frank and michelle. this year what's different is they are not making you wait. they are letting you decide what goes on air the day of the big game. coca-cola as ad is already up on its website. the company is letting you tell them how you think this commercial should end on game day. mercedes leaked this ad on its facebook page on yesterday getting hype with dozens of
5:39 am
comments about the suggestive commercial. at about $4 million per 30 seconds ads, the strategy is to push social media to build buzz about the product before kickoff. companies say they are trying to have a conversation with consumers and give them incentives to take a sneak peek. >> it's not brand-new but i think there's more contests a little bit. some of them are offering prizes to win if you see the ads when you watch the game. >> reporter: experts say this pays off and seeing the commercial before the game can score big points. not to mention the companies using this strategy also get a little extra ad time without having to pay that super bowl price. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. 5:40. new rules when it comes to slamming your boss on facebook. what you can and can't get away with. >> plus, getting there is half the battle. how local airlines are stepping up to handle the massive super bowl travelers right here from the bay area. >> and here's more fan photos for you:
5:40 am
>> keep the pictures coming to or we'll share more of them throughout the show.
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hours...more than 170 firefighters put out the five- alarm fire the flames rising a massive fire engulfed a vacant chicago warehouse. after seven hours, more than 170 firefighters put out the five-alarm fire. you can see the flames rising from the top. our sister station in chicago says the water was freezing before it hit the structure because it was so cold. the cause of the fire is under investigation. one firefighter had a back injury. more than a dozen states have winter weather advisories stretching from minnesota to florida. authorities say exposure to the cold is being blamed in at least four deaths already. and meteorologists say the bitter temperatures are expected to persist through the
5:44 am
midwest and the eastern portion of the u.s. >> we are complaining about a little rain. >> coldest temperatures in years breaking out across parts of the united states. so yeah, we were talking about freezing temperatures complaining about 31 degrees yesterday. >> not too bad. >> now we have some major changes coming in our direction. there's a chance of a few showers outside for today. nothing too heavy but this will be the most that we have seen in quite some time. out the door with our cbs 5 high-def doppler radar, some of that moisture off the coastline we are beginning to see more tracking in closer to the coast. in fact, some of that moving onshore in parts of the north bay. we are not going to see a lot of rain out of the storm system. more importantly it will open up the storm door to allow storm systems to come into the bay area. cloudy, mild temperatures, 40s and 50s right now. i think throughout the day today i think a better chance of showers into the afternoon. waiting for the core of this low to begin to press a little bit closer to the coastline but you can see that ridge of high pressure that's been bringing in the dry weather, that's moved eastward now so the jet stream starting to drop into
5:45 am
the bay area. so things changing. we costs some delays at sfo today. some cloudy skies and some possible showers there. across the country we mentioned some of those cold temperatures and snow in new york. only 20 degrees there. 23 and breezy and very chilly into chicago. 68 and warm in denver and 72 degrees in houston. our computer models picking up on the storm system. not a lot of moisture with t maybe a tenth or quarter inch in toward the santa cruz mountains and really more scattered showers popping up with the system not only today but possibly into early tomorrow morning, as well. so that's how we'll play it. this afternoon, temperatures cooler highs in the 50s and low 60s. looks like a chance of showers on and off especially in toward the afternoon. continuing until tomorrow morning early and then becoming partly cloudy the better part of thursday and friday. colder system drops into the bay area come saturday and sunday with a slight chance of showers on sunday and into monday morning. that's a look at weather. let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> at the bay bridge a cool sight for commuters on the san francisco side.
5:46 am
they were testing l.e.d. lights. you can see a gorgeous view there coming into san francisco. never impacted traffic. so far things look good all across the upper deck and there's no metering lights and no wait approaching the pay gates. elsewhere here's a live look at the east bay. the nimitz 880 in oakland as you pass the oakland coliseum, they wracked up overnight roadwork in both directions a-- they wrapped up overnight roadwork in both directions toward the oakland airport and the coliseum. on the maps, it's getting busy, first bart dealing with 10- minute delays at the lake merritt station in the fremont and dublin-pleasanton directions. they are working to clear that now. but there are some residual delays. earlier equipment problem on the track. and westbound 580 a little sluggish right now through the altamont pass and livermore. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:47 now. wall street is apparently heading for a lackluster start to the trading day in about 45 minutes. futures are basically flat this morning and we get the update
5:47 am
from ashley morrison of good morning. >> reporter: good morning. asian markets fell back ahead of the corporate earnings season. tokyo's nikkei dropped 2% reaching a three-week closing low while hong kong's hang seng lost a fraction. better-than-expected 4th quarter earningers from travelers and dupont, the dow up to the highest level since december of 2007. the nasdaq was up 8. apple reports its 4th quarter earnings today and it may have lost some of its magic. last week the stock fell below $500 for the first time in 11 months and it's fallen short of expectations in its last two quarters. apple says it expects to report sales of just under $55 billion. and google didn't disapoint wall street. the internet search giant said earnings rose 7% to nearly $3 billion last quarter as advertisers spent more money online to reach consumers during the holiday shopping
5:48 am
season. sales shot up 36%. so there you go. hard to keep google down. >> yeah. i guess so. hey, you know, turkeys hate thanksgiving and i guess chickens can say the same about the super bowl, too, right? >> reporter: absolutely. it's going to be a super weekend for chicken wings so break out the hot sauce. the national chicken council says americans will consume 1.2 billion chicken wings just during the super bowl. the council also says wholesale wings are the most expensive ever costing just over $2 a pound. that's up 12% more than last year. that's also a lot of fat grams but, you know, they don't count during the super bowl game. >> this is why you go to someone else's house for super bowl party and don't have it yourself. >> you can't have a fat meter on super bowl sunday. you just go, sure, i'll have more of that. >> exactly. >> ashley morrison of, thank you. if you are one of the tens of thousands flying out to super bowl xlvii, be prepared
5:49 am
to pay a pretty penny. it's not going to be cheap. airline tickets departing from metro hub to new orleans are going from $1,200 to $2,000 roundtrip and that doesn't even compare to the hefty hotel room prices. every hotel in new orleans right now is book. and online resellers are offering rooms up to $12,000 a night. for those who want last-minute flights southwest is adding two nonstop flights from sfo to the big easy. here's another look at the super bowl by the numbers. $434million, that's how much economic activity the game is expected to bring new orleans. 6,000 volunteers are needed to make the super bowl a success. and 5,000 credentialed media members are expected to cover the game representing more than 20 countries. i know some people flying into alabama, flying into mississippi, and then driving into new orleans. it's the only way they can get in. >> we are going to be there so it will be a lot of fun but a lot of work, too.
5:50 am
>> you're going to be a busy girl. had a bad day at work? the dos and don'ts of venting on facebook. >> a northern california couple with a 49ers love story. the touchdown that changed their lives, coming up. >> and we have more 49ers fan photos for you: >> send your fan photos to or and we'll air them. we'll be right back. good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train.
5:51 am
♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
5:52 am
looks like we have storm
5:53 am
clouds making their way back to the bay area, even a chance of showers. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right, lawrence. 5:54 now. investigators say a fire sparked a boeing 787 dreamliner, it was not caused by an overcharged battery as first thought. the lithium ion battery that overheated on the 787 experienced sudden drop in voltage. all 50 of the dreamliners have been grounded after the jet made an emergency landing in japan just a week ago. boeing is now trying to address that electrical problem. a food recall is damaging the ipo of a berkeley company. they are recalling frozen pizza products. the company believes flexible metal may have been meshed into the dough at a third party flour mill although no traces have been found. and that brought annie's stock prices down 12%. you had a bad day at work and want to vent? are there times trashing your
5:54 am
boss online is okay? the answer is yes. but there are some limitations here. labor regulators now say the same freedoms that workers have to criticize their boss or company at the water cooler also extend to social media like twitter and facebook. >> it may not be flattering for an employee to say, gosh, there are unsafe working conditions here. i'm worried about our safety. that is protected speech. >> but the national labor relations board warns that discussing company trade secrets publicly or belittling coworkers could be a firing offense. that's because that type of speech is not aimed at improving wages or working conditions. so if you are in doubt, stay off facebook. >> i know. we all have complaints but you have to be careful. >> keep them to yourself. 5:55. the 49ers are part of a love story for a couple up in sacramento county. a fan proposed to his girlfriend of three years at a game this season right after
5:55 am
the team's first touchdown. >> he asked me and i was like -- i cried. i got emotional. it was awesome. this was something i'll never forget. >> by the way, the woman used to be a cowboys fan. her fiance said if she roots for dallas ever again, it's a deal breaker. so there she is wearing the 49ers gear. >> wonder what they will wear at their wedding. >> i know. >> we are sending a team of reporters to cover super bowl xlvii in new orleans. i'll be there along with sports director dennis o'donnell, vern glenn, and mike sugerman. should be a good time. we'll have lots of stories from new orleans. >> a lot of fun, too. >> yeah. 5:56. the next half hour coming up, a new strategy for super bowl ads. what they are doing differently to get your attention this year. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> plus, beyonce getting some backlash. did she or didn't she lip sync at the inauguration? >> and a controversial consultant gets the nod to
5:56 am
advise the oakland police department after a marathon meeting that lasted into the morning. highlights coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. what he is doing elsewhere it may have worked doesn't mean it's going to work here. a controversial crime fighter drawing a packed crowd, oakland's late night decision on hiring a high-profile super cop. >> super bowl sunday about the love of the game and the commercials. the new strategy the companies are using to try to reel you in before kickoff. >> it has been a long time but looks like some showers could make a return to the bay area. how long will they stick around? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and things are heating up at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. but we have some delays in the cash lanes. much

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